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Dynamic Powertrain Reman, LLC (DPR)

  • Dynamic Manufacturing (DMI) originally formed in 1951 specializing in the remanufacture of all make / model torque converters and transmissions for all vehicle and industrial applications. Since then it is estimated that over 10 million + torque converters have been produced. The ‘retail’ product line that focuses on the independent automotive transmission market selling torque converters has been operated as a separate division of the overall Dynamic family and in 2017 this entity was separated out from the OES business serving GM.
  • Dynamic has migrated to focusing on the OES side of the business while customers began pushing DMI to sell the ‘Retail’ division. This resulted in a search to find the right partner.
  • The goal now is to re-establish its focus and drive to serve its customers while still maintaining the culture that made it successful. Rebranded the business to be called Dynamic Powertrain Reman, LLC (DPR).



 Dynamic Powertrain Reman LLC (DPR) is continuing with a time proven successful approach to the manufacturing processes and procedures providing the highest quality converter to OEM standards or better for both domestic and foreign manufacturer’s brands. Finally, the entire management team, supervisors, and workforce transitioned to DPR and did not change maintaining the continuity of the business Operational and technically we utilize a variety of ‘in process’ and ‘final’ inspections to verify that our finished products meet OEM specifications. In many cases, we make updates in design and/or materials to fix known failure modes to improve durability. Our torque converters are remanufactured with the OEM design intent and those characteristics (i.e. k-factor and stall torque ratio) are not altered during the remanufacturing process.  At DPR, the process for remanufacturing our torque converters includes but not limited to:

  1. Disassembly, cleaned, and component parts re-validated
  2. New hub replacement on majority of units
  3. Mandatory part replacement of seals and O-rings
  4. Bearings tested for noise, vibration, and NVH.
  5. Pressure tested for leakage
  6. Balanced for vibration/shudder
  7. 100% inspected at final assembly
  8. Packaged

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